Top 50 Brazilian Girls Names And Meanings.

Top 50 Brazilian Girls Names And Meanings.

The Brazilian girls name and meanings can be quite confusing to some people in the sense that most times you will be wondering if this is a female name or the other.

so we have taken enough time to list out the top 50 Brazilian female names and what they meant.

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Best 50 Brazilian Girls Names In 2019.

  1. Adriana From Hadrian
  2. Aline Noble; Nobility; Light; Lovely;
  3. Antonia A beautiful human being who are praiseworthy
  4. Fernanda An adventurous girl traveler
  5. Francisca From france
  6. Juliana it means downy bearded person or young.
  7. Maria Variation of Mary or Miriam which means Bitter or Wished-for child
  8. Alipha A term meaning thousand in Brazilian language.
  9. Constancta    Steadfast
  10. Daiane  One who is beautiful and smart Girl
  11. Edite      Rich battle
  12. Eloa        Goddess in Brazilian language.
  13. Emanuelly        A variant of Emmanuella, meaning God is with us
  14. Izabel    Brazilian version of Isabel, meaning my God is an oath
  15. Kiania    The daw
  16. Marelaine     A Brazilian name
  17. Mucamutara    A woman born during the war.
  18. Pedrina                Rock
  19. Rosalice     A woman noble as a rose
  20. Rosalicia     One with the nobility of a rose
  21. Uiara     The water lady
  22. Uxía       A woman who is wellborn and well fed.
  23. Vitória   A variant of Victoria, meaning victory.
  24. Xoana   God is gracious
  25. Yara       Water lady
  26. Yarah     A form of Yarah, meaning water lady.
  27.  Janaina
  28. Jasone
  29.  Javiera
  30. Jesusa
  31. Jimena  Jisa
  32.  Joana    Joaquina
  33.    Jordana
  34. Jorgelina
  35.  Josefa
  36.   Josefina
  37. Josilene  Josune
  38. Jovana
  39.    Jovena
  40. Jovina
  41. Jovita
  42. Juana
  43. Juanetta
  44.  Juanisha
  45.  Juanita
  46.  Julia
  47. Senobia
  48. Senona
  49. Serafina
  50. Serena

Some Brazilian Male Names In 2019.

  • Achuchi
  •    Adauto
  • Adhmar
  •    Adilson
  • Adolfo
  • Adriano
  • Agustin
  • Alano
  • Alanzo
  • Alarico
  • Alberto
  • Alejandro
  • Alex
  • Alexandro
  • Alexildo
  • Alfonso
  • Alfredo
  • Alonso
  • Alonzo
  • Aluino
  • Alvar
  • Alvaro
  • Alverio
  • Ambrosio
  • Anastacio
  • Arlindo
  • Ayrton

Naming Custom In Brazil

Brazil has a history of naming ridiculous men, a practice that stems from the early days of our independence.

This tradition has seen several different phases. Top 50 Brazilian Girls Names And Meanings.

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Though I am not an absolute authority on this subject, I will share with you some of it, for your pleasure.

Just after becoming independent, affluent Brazilian families who wished to show off that they had really severed their ties with Portugal would choose for their children names in Tupi, an Amerindian language that was widely spoken in the country (even by white people) until the second half of the 18th century.

However most of the time such names had only an improper gender, like Araci, generally given to women, which was the name of the god of the Tupian sun.

Among the names most often remembered as improper are Marimbondo (hornet), Ipanema (polluted or barren water), or Irajá (beehive).

Other families, with more “revolutionary” minds, would give their children French names to honor La Révolution.

Most of these name are also improper because they gave their children the surnames of French politicians of philosophers. So we have Brazilians names Voltaire, Diderot, Rousseau, and the like.

Top 50 Brazilian Girls Names And Meanings.

Since French was popular as the language of the élites back then, some people would choose French names even if they were not fans of the French Revolution.

Some of them came about with interesting schemes. In Rio Grande do Norte, a state in the Brazilian Northeast, a wealthy family numbered their children in French instead of giving them proper names.

Fans of arts and sciences would choose the names of famous composers, sages, painters, or writers from France, Germany, Italy, and (to a lesser extent) Great Britain. Military officials would honor famous generals, mostly from France, Germany, and Great Britain: Nelson and Wellington, but also Napoleon (soon adapted into Napoleão) and Bismarck.

By the period Brazil became a republic, the French, replaced by the Americans, fell out of favor. The same phenomenon occurred again in the previous century.

So as we have given you the top 50 Brazilian girls name and meanings, i suggest the next thing thing is to start making plans with your wife on how to produce female Brazilians to give these names.

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