Latest Ghana Weaving Shuku 2020

latest ghana weaving shuku

The latest trend of Ghana weaving shuku may seem like a new one, given its name recognition among young people and the hip hop community.

But cornrows are also not a new phenomenon, because this hairstyle has been around for ages.

The popularity of this hairstyle can be attributed to its durability and versatility. Ghana weaving shuku style is one of the most trendy cornrow hairstyles.

In this post, we’ve got 7 latest shuku hairstyles that you shouldn’t ignore.

African cultures are diverse and extremely flexible. Any stranger can find something unique to himself. We have gathered latest Ghana weaving shuku styles in Ibadan City,. The ladies preserve their native braided hairstyles.

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Shuku is sometimes mixed with koroba (it’s a hairstyle as well), people call it orishabumni. Only the wives of kings might have shuku before, but now any beautiful lady can try on this theme. The hair is a real highlight of Yoruba culture.

Such style starts from the forehead and ends at the back of the neck showing that the woman is married. Besides, married ladies adorn their heads with hairstyles from both sides of the head and often finish up in the middle.

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10 Best Latest Ghana Weaving Shuku 2020

  1. Tiny cornrow weaving:

Image Source: UGC

Latest Ghana Weaving Shuku 2020

It’s just a normal shuku weaving style that involves somebody to fold smaller cornrows.

Only difference is the length of the braids that are left dangling and the pattern of the cornrows at the front. You can spic up the style by attaching fittings to the lengthy braids.

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2.  Cornrows in a zigzag bun

Image source @damieshairplace.Latest Ghana Weaving Shuku 2020